Kate Middleton’s Childhood Classmate Talks Motherhood & Reveals Proposal From A DIFFERENT William!

kate middleton friend talks about first william proposing to her in a play says she will be a good mother

Apparently the Williams in Kate Middleton’s life just can’t help but love her!

Not that we can blame them!

Since the Duchess is holed up in her parents’ Bucklebury home, all of her friends from her early days are talking to the press about what kind of a mother she’s going to be.

Kingsley Glover, a former classmate of Kate’s, gave his opinion, and also revealed that Prince William wasn’t the first Billy to propose to her.

Shocking, right?!

Well, it was during a play and they were both acting, so maybe not as surprising as you’d think!


The acquaintance also talked about how she’ll handle being as a famous mother, saying:

“I think that Kate will cope quite well. Certainly she’s had a lot of experience now in dealing with some of the media sensation and things that go on. So I think she’ll cope very, very well. I just hope that she can be sort of left alone, really, after…to raise the baby for a while├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥and, well, I hope that’s what happens!”

We hope she gets to enjoy some alone time with the little baby too! Just so long as they give us all of the details first. LOLz!

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Jul 17, 2013 3:35pm PDT

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