Kate Middleton’s Family Friend Says She’ll Be A Great Mother

kate middleton will be a great mother according to family friend

Ahh, to have known Kate Middleton before she became royal!

One lucky pub owner had that pleasure, and is sure that the Duchess will make a great mum because he saw how she was brought up!

John Haley has been a friend of the Middletons’ for 18 years, so he gave his perspective on the royal baby’s mom:

“I think Kate will be a brilliant mother. She’s been brought up by Carole [Middleton] with her sister and brother and they’ve got a great mum and dad, so I think she will be an absolutely fabulous mother. She is very, very relaxed, very smiley, very happy. William seems much the same and I think that’ll come out in their children. They’re just a relaxed and happy couple and that will come out and that will show in their child I’m sure. I just hope the new baby, Kate and William’s baby, can have as normal an upbringing as possible because that’s what they’ll want. They’ll want a normal upbringing and be left alone and I’m sure it’ll be hidden away from the press and it’ll have a great life and I’m sure it’ll be very relaxed and I’m sure it’ll have loving grandparents to bring it up and loving parents.”

And what about the couple? Will they survive the stresses of parenthood? Haley said:

├óΓé¼┼ôKate and William are amazing. You can see they’re in love, you can see that from the first day we met them. Again they’re so relaxed and they sit down and just chat to each other, you can see that they’re so in love and so happy and they always have been, and so relaxed with each other and with other people.”

That’s for sure!

You can always tell by how the couple jokes with each other at events. Ha!

This family is going to be so beautiful, and we know Kate and William will make fab parentals!

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Jul 17, 2013 11:45am PDT

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