Peyton Manning: Denver Broncos Have A Strict No-Touching Policy For Their Quarterback!

denver broncos have a no touching policy for quarterback peyton manning

The quarterback is a VERY valuable position in the NFL, and the Denver Broncos want to make sure theirs is protected at all costs!

Peyton Manning is definitely one of the best at tossing the pigskin in the league, and according to linebacker Von Miller, he and his teammates aren’t allowed to go anywhere NEAR him during practice!

He says:

“I have never even touched … even got close to Peyton Manning!”

Whattt?! Not even for a hug???

Von went on about the unspoken rule and says he and his fellow teammates understand how essential Peyton is to the team:

“We know how important he is to our team. We don’t get close to him.”

It’s pretty much standard procedure for teams to lay off their qb during practice to avoid injuries, and it certainly makes sense considering Peyton had a VERY serious neck injury two years ago that sidelined him for the whole season!

So what’s the punishment for breaking the “no-touching” rule?? Von says he’s not 100% sure, but there’s a chance perpetrators would simply go “missing!”

Yikes! We hope he’s kidding, because we’d hate to see someone mysteriously vanish just for giving Peyton a high-five! LOLz!

[Image via Ed Andrieski/AP Images.]

Jul 17, 2013 10:00am PDT

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