Amanda Bynes Ejected From Ritz-Carlton For Drugs & Making Check-In Girl Cry! Get UGLY Deets HERE!

amanda bynes ritz carlton kicked out drugs marijuana front desk girl cry

Making a hotel employee cry!? So THAT is What A Girl Wants!?

Just when you thought Amanda Bynes‘ life couldn’t get zanier, this happens!!

The much maligned actress was allegedly booted from her room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel for smoking smoking a crap-ton of weed in her hotel room and, even worse, making a lovely lady at the front desk burst into tears!!

Amanda reportedly told the clerk she was “too ugly” to check her in, and had the nerve to recommend a fine plastic surgeon to approve the girl’s appearance!!!

And that’s when the clerk totally started crying!!!

Amanda’s peeps say it wasn’t that bad, though. They say the sassy celeb left the NYC hotel of her own free will.

Hmm, if the allegations are true, it would be horrible!

Taking pot-shots at celebz on Twitter is one thing, but getting in a girls face, calling her ugly, and making her cry?!?!??

That’s unspeakably RUDE!!

Amanda might not be allowed inside a Ritz-Carlton hotel anytime soon, but our trusted legal eagles assure us she can eat her way through a box or three of delicious Ritz crackers if she so chooses, LOLz!!

Mmm! They’re so buttery and delicious!!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 19, 2013 5:39pm PDT

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