Kate Middleton And Prince William Need To Prepare Their Pooch To Meet The Royal Baby!

kate middleton and prince william need to prepare lupo to meet royal baby

Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s adorable cocker spaniel Lupo has been the center of the couple’s attention over the last year, but now with the royal baby in the picture, he’s going to have to share the spotlight!

Animal behavior specialist Nicholas Dodman says the royal parents are going to have to take a few steps to make sure their precious pooch learns to play nice with his new baby brother!

The first big step is getting Lupo used to being around the tiny tot, and there are a few ways to do this. The first is to introduce him to a few articles of clothing belonging to the baby so he can get used to his scent. Dogs also have a tendency to get upset when they hear a baby crying, so Kate and William could play recordings of babies crying to prepare him for his noisy new housemate!

There’s also a good chance that the royal mom and pops will be bringing the baby along with them when they take Lupo out for walks. It’s a good idea for them to ease him into this by taking him out for walks with a baby doll in a stroller first so he knows what to expect!

There’s no telling how the dog will react to the new baby, but one thing we do know is that the pooch will most likely be very protective over him! Dogs have a tendency to recognize baby’s as a new member of their “pack,” so there’s a chance he’ll get into attack mode whenever someone new tries to get near the baby!

The last and most IMPORTANT rule for Kate and William to remember is to always keep Lupo involved in the action! If they only tend to their pooch after their done taking care of the baby, there’s a chance the dog will start to think that it’s the baby’s fault he’s not getting any attention, and the last thing they want is to have Lupo be jealous of his new baby brother! Taking them out for walks together and letting him be around while Kate nurses will be a good reminder that he’s still an important part of the family!!

We’re sure Lupo will get along fabulously with the royal baby and we absolutely can’t wait to see them out and about as one big happy family!!

[Image via Zak Hussein/WENN.]

Jul 23, 2013 10:45am PDT

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