Royal Baby Name? Even Kate Middleton’s Parents Don’t Know Yet!

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We just can’t wait to learn the Royal Baby’s name! And apparently neither can his grandparents!

Kate Middleton‘s parents were among the first to greet the Royal Baby. After all, he’s their heir too!

Michael and Carole Middleton visited for just over an hour, but in all that time were never told the little tyke’s name!

We guess Prince William and Kate are keeping it mum even from mum! Grandma Carole learned one thing though! She said:

“He’s absolutely beautiful, they’re both doing very well.”

Whew! After such a long labor party, we’re glad to hear everything is fine! And with those parents, did anyone doubt little whatsisname would be adorable?

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 23, 2013 11:47am PDT

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