Rolling Stone Sales Skyrocket In Wake Of Controversial Boston Bomber Cover!

rolling stone Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover sales up twenty percent august boston bombings

We guess it’s true what they say, there is no such thing as bad press!

Rolling Stone pissed off a flock of fans, advertisers, distributors, and even folks who didn’t realize the magazine was still in print when it plastered Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — one of the alleged masterminds behind the Boston Marathon bombings — on it’s August cover!

Boston officials — and even Jack Osbourne — raised hell over the cover, which certainly seemed to glorify the man charged with bringing a crap-ton of destruction down on the fine metropolis, and drug stores like CVS, 7-Eleven, and Walgreens flatly refused to carry copies of the issue at all!!

You’d think that might put a dent in sales, even if just a little bit!

And you’d be wrong!!

According to one person familiar with the circulation numbers, sales were up by one fifth!

That source said:

├óΓé¼┼ôIt looks like the sales are up about 20 percent.”

Wow! Color us SHOCKED!

Who knows, maybe those extra issues were purchased so angry protestors would have something to angrily burn!

[Image via Rolling Stone.]

Jul 24, 2013 3:40pm PDT

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