Ashton Kutcher Regrets Missing A Meeting With Steve Jobs Before He Died!

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Our time on earth is so short, we must all remember to seize every moment that we can!

Ashton Kutcher knows that now but he SO wishes he had jumped at the chance to shake hands with Steve Jobs, the man he’s now portraying in his upcoming movie, Jobs.

This week, Ashton told Jay Leno just how much he regrets not taking the opportunity to meet the Apple founder after a meeting was arranged for the two, 6 months before Steve passed away! Ashton explained:

“I was working that day and couldn’t go. In hindsight, I look back and I think, I had an opportunity to meet the Leonardo da Vinci of our generation and I missed it.”

Ashton had a real emotional moment the day Steve died, after realizing just how BIG an impact he had had on his own life. When the script for Jobs got into Ashton’s hands, he immediately knew he wanted to be in the film.

But taking the part of such an influential figure also TERRIFIES Ashton! He recently explained how he overcame his fear, saying:

“The idea of playing the role terrified me. I’ve found that the greatest rewards I’ve received in my life have come from jumping at the opportunities to take on things that scare me. The chance to portray someone who not only lived but who is still very relevant and alive in the zeitgeist seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime challenge.”

So far, the clips and trailers that have come out for this flick make us think Ashton will make Steve proud!

Ch-ch-check out more of what Ashton Kutcher had to say about playing the part of an innovative genius! (below)

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Jul 25, 2013 2:20pm PDT

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