Amanda Bynes’ Parents Must Prove 4 Points At Next Conservatorship Hearing! Find Out What HERE!

amanda bynes parents have to prove a lot in conservatorship

This fight to help Amanda Bynes isn’t over yet.

While her lawyer is supposedly fighting to get her released from her extended psychiatric hold, her parents are continuing the fight for conservatorship. They might have lost round one, but all hope is not lost because they will be back in court on August 9th to argue for long-term conservatorship.

The list of what they must do to win might be long, but we hope Amanda’s parents can get this done. Here is ALL they will have to do to gain conservatorship:

First, Amanda’s parents will have to prove she can no longer properly care for herself. Not only does this include food, clothing and shelter, but also that she is putting her own health in danger. Her recent fire incident will likely be the main argument brought up here.

Not only that, but we told you about how her parents are supposedly arguing that she’s suffering from serious paranoia. While she’s apparently been covering smoke alarms with towels and taping windows shut, her family is worried that this is a sign of her possible schizophrenia taking over, which could prove she can’t provide for her own health.

Second, they will have to argue she shouldn’t be allowed to make financial decisions because she isn’t at all capable of doing so responsibly. We all know she’s supposedly been getting quite a bit of unnecessary plastic surgery, and they could use that to prove her careless spending.

Furthermore, we told you how Amanda had apparently blown through over $1.2 million of her $4 million in the bank. And what’s worse is her family thinks much of this might be on drugs.

Third, her parents will then have to show that moving Amanda in with them will be beneficial for her. They will have to show they have a stable home that will provide her with all the necessities. Considering how many apartments and hotels she’s been booted from we think they surely have to have a better sitch going on. Since no one knows about her living in any one place, the worries of her being homeless might sadly be accurate and that needs to be stopped!

And finally, Amanda’s parents have to prove that giving them conservatorship is the only solution left. Since Amanda is trying to get out of her psychiatric hold despite her potentially serious mental health issues, her parents might use that as an argument. If she won’t stay in treatment, her parents will have to argue that staying with them is the best alternative because she is possibly a danger to herself. If she won’t agree to long-term medical care then her parents’ care could be the best solution.

Sure, this all sounds pretty convincing to us, but courts look at alllll the details. We just hope Amanda gets the care and treatment she needs right now.

No matter what happens, we hope Amanda is safe and reaches out to those who are really there for her.

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Jul 26, 2013 3:49pm PDT

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