Richard Simmons Shares His Thoughts On Prince George! Watch HERE!

Now that we’ve heard from pretty much everyone in the royal family, it’s time to start hearing what others are thinking about Prince George!

And who better to dish on the royal baby than Richard Simmons?!

The workout guru was enjoying a fabulous day in Los Angeles and mingling with some fans when a reporter asked him if he was excited about Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s beautiful baby boy!

Always the optimist, Richard said he couldn’t be happier for the two:

“I’ve seen pictures and I’m so happy for them, becaue now they can share their love with the brand new baby!”

Awww! Our thoughts exactly!

But the reporters didn’t stop there, as they asked the question everyone is asking themselves right now: Are you team Prince George or are you team North West??

However, Richard didn’t pick a side and said he’s a fan of both babies:

“I’m exited for any woman who has a baby because it’s a blessing from God.”

Shoot! We were really hoping he’d go all out an proclaim his loyalty to the royal baby, but we guess that’s kind of a long shot! LOLz!

Richard goes on to dish on the baby’s name and even does a little bit of singing with some fans!

Maybe next time we see him, he’ll have a lullaby prepared for little George! Ha!

Ch-ch-check out all of Richard’s thoughts on the babies (above) about 25 seconds in!

Jul 26, 2013 1:00pm PST

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