Lindsay Lohan’s List Of Post-Rehab Friends Does NOT Include Sam Ronson!

lindsay lohan love ya bye

Lindsay Lohan is about to un-friend her former flame, Samantha Ronson, for good!

We’re not talking about just on Facebook though. No, Lindz is cutting Sam out of her life COMPLETELY!

Yesterday we heard about the two lists Lindsay was making in rehab with the help of her counselors: one list has all of her friends that she plans on keeping around after she leaves Cliffside Malibu this week. Everyone on the other list though will be told to take a hike!

Someone close to LiLo is saying Sam is indeed a goner and on the list of bad influences!

The source said of Lindsay decision to cut all ties with Sam:

“Based upon past experiences of what happened when Lindsay gets out of treatment and goes right back to bad influences and behaviors, Lindsay has said that she is going to keep Samantha out of her life.”

Well, they say when you get bitten by a snake you have to suck out all the poison. And that’s what Lindsay has to do: suck all the poison out of her life!

But we never realized just how toxic her and Sam’s relationship was!

Lohan’s rep also said:

“Lindsay is trying to avoid exactly what happened last time and that means making sure people like Sam and some of her other friends aren’t around her anymore.”

A change will certainly do Lindsay good!

No hard feelings Sammy, but if having you around might make Lindsay return to her old ways, we applaud our girl’s decision to keep her distance!

Ch-ch-check out some pics from the past of Lindsay and Sam! (below)

Jul 30, 2013 11:31pm PDT

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