Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran Step Out For An Ice Cream Date With A Food Eating Contest!

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They sure know how to fuel rumors, but this really is totes adorbzies!

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran took a break from her Red Tour on Monday and stepped out for some ice cream at Mel’s Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

Though the two, still reported friends, have been spending quite a bit of time together lately, it seems Swifty was there to support her opening act as he competed in a Big Kahuna ice cream challenge — i.e., eating an entire eight ice cream scoop sundae with seven toppings, a brownie, banana, and whipped cream!

Taylor allegedly even had some upbeat tunes to play him, including Eye of the Tiger and Don’t Stop Believing, as Ed downed the ENTIRE sundae!

Thanks to an onlooker’s tweets, we even have an account of how it all went down:

Ed kept drooling Ice cream and coughing and Taylor just goes ew and cracks up laughing. [I] cannot believe we literally ran into Taylor and Ed today. Ate ice cream and shared a bunch of laughs — Best birthday ever. They also listened to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Ed kept looking at his Ice cream and saying ‘I won’t stop believing.’ Taylor kept asking people for tips to give Ed, so he could finish his ice cream. She said ‘you can’t let these people down’. When Ed went to the bathroom to get sick, Taylor goes ‘I should probably go check on him.’

What’s more, Ed even shared some words about the challenge:

HA! AH-mazing!

[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 2, 2013 2:11pm PDT

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