Robbie Knievel’s Greatest Stunt Was NOT Him Getting Arrested This Week For DUI!

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There’s something funny about Robbie Knievel getting picked up for a DUI in a motor home, especially since he’s supposed to be able to control vehicles better than the average person.

You know, cuz he’s supposed to be good at driving things and NOT putting others in danger. This isn’t one of your crazy stunts, Robbie!

However, according to cops, he lost control and went on a drunken rampage.

At 51 years old, you’d think someone would know better than not to drive under the influence, and yet here we are. He was arrested on Tuesday outside of the Buffalo Chip campground. Apparently he smashed into two other motor home units on the property and then put the pedal to the floor and left.

They found the RV in a nearby parking lot. Where was Robbie? Texting in the driver’s seat, with the RV still running. The cops could smell the alcohol, and Robbie admitted he had 3 drinks earlier that evening, which must’ve been served in giant buckets, because he then promptly blew a .228, which is almost 3 times the legal limit in South Dakota.

His license has been suspended for 30 days and he has about $600 in fines. We wonder if you actually need a driver’s license to do stunts — otherwise, we have no idea how he’s gonna pay his fines!

He put a LOT of people in danger, and we’re pretty sure nothing about his punishment is actually gonna stop him from doing it again some day.

[Image via Rachel Worth/WENN.]

Aug 8, 2013 3:01pm PDT

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