Rihanna Said To Be ‘Beyond Horrible’ With Staff Since Chris Brown Split!

rihanna beyond horrible chris brown

Not good!

Rihanna may no longer be seeing Chris Brown. And while many are likely thrilled of this fact, it seems this Diamond singer might not be doing as well as we’d thought. So says a member of her staff.

The source revealed to Star magazine that RiRi’s apparently become much more difficult to work for since her split with her former beau:

“We’re always sent on some errand to the middle of nowhere just to find something trivial, like the ‘right’ ice bucket or color notepad…Rihanna has never been easy to work for, but since she and Chris Brown broke up, she’s been beyond horrible.”

Uh oh! But srsly, this smells like BULL!

We doubt this Bad Girl is about to let her breakup dictate her professional relationships!

She’s so much better than that! Have you SEEN her Instagram, LOL???

[Image via Will Alexander/Cousart-JP/JFXimages/WENN.]

Aug 13, 2013 11:21am PDT

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