Dr. Oz & Plumber To The Rescue! Help Woman Severely Injured By A Rogue Taxi!

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Dr. Oz to the rescue!

The cardiothoracic surgeon was in the right place at the right time when he rushed to help a young woman who had been struck by a NYC taxi cab.

The victim, Sian Green, a 23 year-old British tourist (below), had just started her NYC tourist adventure by buying a hot dog and was eating at the plaza with a friend when the accident occurred.

Taxi driver, 24 year-old Faysal Kabir Mohammad Himon of Queens, lost control of his taxi and drove onto the sidewalk and into a group of pedestrians, including Sian.

Dr. Oz and other witnesses leapt into action to help the victim, including a plumber by the name of David Justino (above) who made a tourniquet for the massive injury by using his belt to help cut off the blood flow while a pizza truck owner put her severed foot on ice.

Shockingly, the cab driver WASN’T arrested — instead, he was issued a summons for being an unauthorized driver and then set free!

Here’s what Sian’s family said:

‘Her friend Keshia is still in shock. We are a really close family we are all devastated by what has happened, we don’t know what to say…we just want to be at our daughter’s side right now.’

There are reports that an alleged argument and road rage due to a cyclist were the catalyst to the massive error on the driver’s part. We’re sure we’ll find out more soon enough!

So scary! At least we’re hearing that Sian is awake and being as upbeat and positive as she can be about the whole thing — and we hope she can find the courage and inspiration to keep on that track!

Ch-ch-check out the video report on the story (below)!

[Image courtesy of Dr. Oz.]

Aug 21, 2013 10:29am PDT

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