Alec Baldwin Attacks Yet ANOTHER Photographer!

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Oh for the love of Christmas!!!

Alec Baldwin is being accused of attacking yet ANOTHER photographer!

The new dad was seen out in New York with his wife Hilaria who just gave birth to their baby daughter on August 23rd.

Witnesses say when a photog tried to snap a shot of the two together, Alec suddenly lunged at the cameraman!

Take a look at Alec PINNING the guy against a car!

Holy shiz!!! Talk about a take down!

Reps for Mr. Baldwin reportedly said the photographer was the aggressor in the incident. But after calling the NYPD, the photographer was quick to point out that HE was the victim in all of this! He stated:

“All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped. That’s all.”

Hilaria was seen ducking into a tea store to avoid getting her picture taken.

Police arrived on the scene shortly after the alleged attack and spoke to Alec and the photographer. Both men admitted to pushing and shoving each other and agreed to walk away from the situation without pressing charges.

We don’t know WHAT this paparazzo said to provoke Alec to do this, but c’mon, Mr. Baldwin!

Can you REALLY still not know how to keep your temper under control???

[Image via JDH Images / Splash News.]

Aug 27, 2013 1:49pm PDT

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