Lamar Odom Got Away With Smoking OxyContin Because He Has A Prescription!

lamar odom passed nba drug tests oxycontin prescription

Well, that’s one mystery solved.

It’s been reported that Lamar Odom was abusing drugs while he was playing with several basketball teams, and he got away with it because of a prescription.

Every basketball player in the NBA is subject to four random drug tests during the season and two in the off-season, and Khloe Kardashian’s hubby did test positive for OxyContin during that time.

However, it looks like Lamar got away with it because:

“Lamar never registered a dirty test over the last two years. Lamar was able to smoke OxyContin and it was detected during several drug tests. But because he had a valid prescription, it wasn’t a violation. It allowed him to skate through the system. He knew he could smoke it and get away with it. If Lamar had been using crack cocaine, or any other illegal drug, it would have been detected during the league’s drug testing routine. If Lamar tested positive for a drug of abuse, he would have immediately been sanctioned and suspended.”

Smoking the drug was Odom’s favorite way to take it in, rather than just swallowing it like a normal person.

He’s also reportedly addicted to Ambien and crack cocaine, but the negative drug tests would speak to the contrary with regard to crack.

We just hope Lamar gets this all under control sooner than later.

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 29, 2013 8:05pm PDT

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