Lamar Odom CRASHED His Car Just Days Before His DUI Bust!! Get Deets HERE!

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According to one L.A. Times reporter, Lamar Odom‘s 101 Freeway woes didn’t begin this morning when cops arrested him suspcicion of DUI, they began last weekend when he was involved in a three-car collision on the very same road!

The pro-basketballer was having a horrible month already, but this is just a rotten cherry atop his dookie sundae!!!

The reporter involved in the incident says Lamar’s white Mercedes rammed into another car (which in turn collided with the reporter’s vehicle), and they all pulled over to inspect the damage. Apparently that’s when things got weird!

Khloe Kardashian‘s super-scrutinized hubby apparently didn’t immediately take to the idea of exchanging insurance information with the other folks involved in the accident.

In fact, Lamar allegedly examined the damage to the cars and said:

“It doesn’t look that bad.”

Whoa! It doesn’t matter!! It’s a car accident!! It’s the law!!

Eventually Lamar coughed up his insurance forms, but we aren’t sure what was going on in his head!!

It’s unclear whether or not anyone was hurt in the accident, and we also don’t know why it took all week for the reporter’s account to surface.

Either way, this is another in a series of horrible developments for the NBA vet.

Lamar was recently accused of cheating, his former teammates reportedly staged an intervention for him because of apparent drug abuse, and this morning he was busted after allegedly driving a white Mercedes SUV under the influence which resulted in a one year suspension of his license!!!

We don’t know what to think right now!!! Hopefully Khloe has her sisters and her cutie-pie new niece by her side for moral support!!!

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Aug 30, 2013 6:57pm PDT

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