Katy Perry Looks Di-Vine In Her Swinging New Poster For Roar‘s Music Video!


We’re not lion, when we say Katy Perry bears quite a bit of her own hide in the illustrated poster for Roar‘s upcoming music video!

On Twitter today, KtP posted this hot-as-a-jungle promo for Roar‘s music video that’ll be ready to watch on September 5th!

In the poster stylized like a 1930s adventure film billboard, Katy swings from a vine (wearing something similar to what she wore at the VMAs) with cast of animals in the background to rival the Lion King, including a crocodile, a monkey, two parrots, an elephant, and, of course, a tiger and a partridge in pear tree.

If you don’t think Katy’s truly a queen of the jungle, you’re in de-Nile!

With a cool concept like this, just like an actual elephant, we’ll remember, remember the 5th of September!

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[Image via Twitter.]

Aug 31, 2013 12:01am PDT

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