That’s So Raven Star Sentenced To Spend 180 Days In Prison! Find Out WHY!

orlando brown thats so raven dui sentencing 180 days

We hope he brought concealer, because the book the judge just threw at That’s So Raven star Orlando Brown will definitely leave a mark!

As so many bad stories do, this one all started with some drinking and driving…

Since his initial DUI in 2011, this dude has seriously been in and out of courts more times than a bailiff. At least four bench warrants were issued against him before he finally stood in front of a judge two weeks ago!

His or Her Honor was so disappointed in Orlando’s behavior that he sentenced him to spend the next 180 days in jail!

They took him into custody on the spot and he’s been behind bars ever since! And not the good kind of bars like Kit-Kat or Snickers, either!

Ugh! How sad!

Orlando may have been named after the wonderful town the Magic Kingdom calls home and he may have also enjoyed a long career on Disney Channel, but we think Walt Disney would’ve expected better! We somehow doubt this is the wish that Orlando’s heart made!

Thankfully for him, the courts are over-crowded. Sources say there is a decent chance the actor will be released as soon as September 19th! Just in time for Emmy weekend!!

We srsly hope he’s learned his lesson, though. Drinking and driving is always a HORRIBLE mistake.

Sep 9, 2013 2:40pm PDT

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