Ashley Greene & Jamie Campbell-Bower Enjoy Breakfast In Bed NYC! Find Out If LOVE Was On The Menu HERE!

Ashley Greene and Jamie Campbell-Bower were spotted roaming the mean streets of Manhattan earlier this week!

We’ve already seen the Twilight starlet chillaxing at Fashion Week and posing topless for a film, but we didn’t realize she brought a co-star with her to the Big Apple!!

Breakfast, eh?! We wonder…

Old friends catching up over over a cup of joe at Denny’s? Or did they maybe climb out of the same bed this morning?

Hmm, a super-steamy evening of sexy time would leave the two of them ravenous in the A.M. and eager to replenish their fluids!

He’s so slick! She’s so fierce!

Wouldn’t they make just the cutest couple?!

And we have seen them get sweaty before!!!

Of course, all we know at this point is that they ate breakfast together! Even the rich, famous, and fabulous eat breakfast, you know?!

That reminds us of the hipster who burned his tongue on coffee; he drank it BEFORE IT WAS COOL!

LOLz!! We slay us!!

See more photos of the two of them (below)!

[Image via Splash News.]

Sep 12, 2013 7:14pm PDT

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