Prince William Leaves Royal Air Force To Focus On Raising Prince George & Other Royal Obligations!

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NoooOOOOoooo!!! But you know how much we ADORE a man in uniform!!!

Officials have confirmed that Prince William is just broke up with the Royal Air Force!!!

He finished his tour of duty as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, and now he’s got bigger fish to fry!!

By “bigger fish” we of course mean a tiny baby!! And, since he would never cook a child, let’s replace “fry” with raise or cuddle while we’re at it!!

Yes, the Prince’s new and more flexible schedule should allow him to spend more time his son, Prince George, and the ultra-lovely Royal Babymomma Kate Middleton!!

In addition to spending more QT with the family, the 31-year-old Prince is expected to do more charity work and focus harder on his other royal obligations.

Hmmm, we wonder if “royal obligations” is a fancy euphemism for diaper duty with lil’ Georgie-poorgie?! Somebody must attend to The Boy Who Would Be King’s poopie diaper, LOLz!!!

According to the Palace, Prince Willie participated in 156 search and rescue missions and helped rescue 149 different folks before retiring!

Wowzers!!! That’s totally impressive!!

Way to go, royal dude — we’re sure your contributions to the RAF will be missed!

Sep 12, 2013 8:16pm PDT

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