Kanye West Makes The BBC Iron His Carpet Before Performance!? See All His Diva Demands HERE!

kanye west bbc diva demands iron carpet jools holland

Forget “I am a god!” Next Kanye West is gonna be singing “I am Iron Man!”

Yeezus performed on the BBC 2’s Later with Jools Holland on Tuesday night, and along with guest Charlie Wilson, he really tore up the stage!

No, we mean he literally tore up the stage.

According to reports, Kanye didn’t like the performance space and demanded it all be torn down and rebuilt to his specifications.

Moreover, Yeezy demanded extra dressing rooms for his entourage and ordered everything in his own dressing room, from the flowers to the sofa, be replaced with only pure white furnishings!

But Kanye wasn’t even being iron-ic with his most outrageous diva demand. He said the carpet was too lumpy and demanded it be ironed! A source says:

“Everybody knew Kanye’s reputation for being a handful, but nobody had heard of a request for a carpet to be ironed before. His entourage took over the studio, even though plenty of other stars were present.

Luckily once he got to the performance he was very quiet and unassuming.”

“Quiet and unassuming”?! Believe it!

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) to see Kanye and Uncle Charlie turn in a solid, subtle performance of Bound 2.

Maybe that ironing thing really works! LOLz!

[Image via BBC.]

Sep 19, 2013 4:50pm PDT

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