Bobblehead Night At Yankee Stadium Goes Horribly Wrong!

mariano rivera bobblehead night goes wrong

Any baseball fan knows the best nights to go to a game is on a bobblehead night, where you can get your hands on a free, disproportionate, plastic figurine of your favorite players!

So when the New York Yankees announced they would be giving away 18,000 bobbleheads of their iconic closer Mariano Rivera, TONS of fans showed up!

That’s when things started to get ugly!

Apparently, the truck that was supposed to deliver the tiny figurines broke down, so the fans were given a voucher instead, but apparently those were in short supply!

Then, during the third inning, the truck FINALLY arrived with the bobbleheads and fans with vouchers were told to line up, but things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they were hoping!

One fan describe the chaotic scene, saying:

“There’s a lot of mayhem, people cutting in line, aggravation. It’s ridiculous. And we’re sitting here missing the majority of the game, which we bought our tickets to see. The way they handled this, someone’s head should roll over it.”

Yikes! That must’ve been some bobblehead!

Needless to say, the situation probably wasn’t handled very well and the fans who did survive the ordeal are probably asking themselves if it was all worth it!

Oh, and did we mention that that the Yanks lost to the Tampa Bay Rays 7-0??

Talk about a rough night at Yankee Stadium!!

[Image via Kathy Willens/AP Images.]

Sep 25, 2013 4:59pm PDT

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