Russell Brand Breaks Up With His GF Jemima Khan!

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Well, that was fast!

Russell Brand has taken another trip to Splitsville, this time with his girlfriend of fifteen days (by our count), Jemima Khan!

It was only two weeks ago that the British bad boy confessed to being off the market and dating Ms. Khan. But at a show in Atlanta on Saturday, Brand told the crowd:

“I’m currently single.”

What happened guys?!?

After making his announcement, sources say Russell then jumped off stage and began kissing women who were seated in the front row of his show!

Rusty Rockets, you don’t waste any time, do you?!

Russell has been on the rebound since his divorce from Katy Perry. Before Khan, he was linked to hotties Nicola Schuller, Alessandra Balazs and Isabella Brewster.

Poor KatyKat recently opened up about how she is STILL getting over Russell and how their break up actually had her contemplating suicide!

We know Katy is in a happy place now though! She and John Mayer seem to be on the right path and TOTALLY in love!

Hopefully Russell will find Mrs. Right soon too!

[Image via DAVID KRIEGER/bauergriffinonline.]

Sep 30, 2013 10:06am PDT

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