Chimps Beat Humans In Memory Tests?!

Chimps have better memory than humans, study finds!

Kyoto University’s Primate Research Institute in Inuyama, Japan is really great at making the average human look like a fool!

No, they’re not really into putting banana peels at the tops of stairwells├óΓé¼┬ª (that just sounds super dangerous), they’re into chimpanzee research!

They’ve found that chimps have an incredible capacity for remembering things.

One of the study’s findings was reported by New Scientist as:

“Three adult female chimps, their three 5-year-old offspring, and university student volunteers were tested on their ability to memorize the numbers 1 to 9 appearing at random locations on a touchscreen monitor.

The chimps had previously been taught the ascending order of the numbers. Using an ability akin to photographic memory, the young chimps were able to memorize the location of the numerals with better accuracy than humans performing the same task.”

Humans were actually apparently pretty freakin’ awful compared to the apes.

Which is embarrassing because we’re less hairy and tend to be better at math.

The study’s lead said:

“We’ve concluded through the cognitive tests that chimps have extraordinary memories. They can grasp things at a glance. Our ancestors may have also had photographic memories, but we lost that during evolution so that we could acquire new skills. To get something, we had to lose something.”

So we traded our photographic memories for TV and Starbucks and all things celeb??

Yeah, that seems like a fair trade. LOLz!

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Sep 30, 2013 9:58am PDT

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