Miley Cyrus Judged By The X Factor Panel!

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If you ever wondered how Miley Cyrus might do in front of the judges of The X Factor, the verdict is in. She’d probably win the whole shebang!

In a recent interview, Simon Cowell, Paulina Rubio, and Kelly Rowland all sat down and gave Miley their thumbs up, of the non-foam finger kind, of approval, with Paulina basically telling everyone to leave…Miley…alone:

“We need to leave her alone. When you start so young, you need to find different ways of being yourself and I think she’s doing it.”

For Miley those different ways seem to include grinding on Robin Thicke, and appearing to constantly be undergoing a tongue depressor exam!

Simon chimed in, and insisted that there’s a reason we can’t stop, no, we won’t stop talking about Mileybird:

“But she’s smart…Every interview I do right now: [They ask about] Miley Cyrus. They weren’t doing that with Hannah Montana, trust me.”

Hmm well Hannah Montana never made out with a life-sized Barbie in a pool, but valid point!

Kelly riffed on that, saying that the wrecking ball rider is quite astute:

“I think she is very smart, and she’s doing everything the way she wants to do it and that’s the only way you can do it.”

Miley does what Miley wants! If she wants to lick a sledgehammer, that sledgehammer is getting licked!

Oct 2, 2013 2:09pm PDT

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