Usher’s Ex-Wife Wants Judge To Punish Singer For Ditching Co-Parenting Class!

ushers ex wife wants judge to punish singer for ditching co parenting class

Can’t these two just get along? Well, apparently not!

Usher‘s ex wife Tameka Foster is asking a judge to reprimand the singer for not attending the co-parenting classes they were both ordered to attend!

Even though Usher has full custody of their two children, allegedly the two are BOTH supposed to attend co-parenting classes. But back in July, Tameka alleges Usher stormed out of the class, and hasn’t been back since!

She’s begged her ex husband to return to the classes, but he has ignored all of her requests so far.

Even though she’s lost all of her custody hearings against her baby daddy, Tameka claims she’s supposed to be involved in “important family decisions” like extra-curricular activities, schooling, etc.

But Usher doesn’t consult her on anything apparently! He’s even signed up one of their sons for football without even talking to her about it!

So she wants a judge to order him to be a “better co-parent”.

We’re not sure if Usher does actually have to consult with her on issues regarding their boys, but the woman has obviously been through a lot of heartache as a mother, and Usher could exhibit a bit of empathy and not leave her in the dark!

Although there are always two sides to every story!

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Oct 8, 2013 12:19pm PDT

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