Justin Bieber Posts SKINtillating Selfie With Trainer!! Check Out The Biebs’ Bangin’ Bod HERE!!

DAMMNNNNNN, smoking weed working out is surely workin’ on you!

Justin Bieber took to Instagram to grace his followers with the presence of yet another shirtless picture. Standing next to Bieberoni is his trainer aka the one who has given him this body. Kudos to you sir, you done good!

Seriously, dude, how hard have you been working out?!?!

JBiebs is on tour in Asia right now, where he has been getting up to all sorts of hijinks, ridiculous mischief, and even revealing some new tunes. He’s even, recently, let loose his nerdy side on the world.

While we aren’t in Asia to go see the Biebs’ tour to view his marvelous masterpiece of a body in person, we’ll just stare at this picture all day and listen to his performance of I’ll Be over and over again.


[Image via Instagram.]

Oct 10, 2013 10:10am PDT

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