Gwyneth Paltrow’s Haunting Vanity Fair Expos├â┬⌐ May Reveal Affair With Elle Macpherson’s Husband!

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Ahh! So maybe that’s why she fled El Lay!

Earlier this week, we discussed Gwyneth Paltrow‘s failed attempt at stopping a certain Vanity Fair article from going to the presses.

It’s been said that inside this juicy profile of hers will lie deep, dark secrets she may never be able to live down. And then, just days later, the GOOP founder was spotted getting out of dodge at LAX.

While some pondered what the dark divulging secret could be, Miami society sources have come forward to reveal a startling possibility — an affair with Elle Macpherson‘s husband!

According to them, Vanity Fair sleuth Vanessa Grigoriadis spent some time asking about her “friendship” with the billionaire in question, Jeff Soffer.

Now Gwynnie has been married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin since 2003, but these insiders say she and Jeff began getting hot and heavy in 2008.

Apparently her little white dress appealed to him at his Fountainbleu Hotel reopening, leading them both into the watchful eyes of spies when they were seen together in a closed off private section at a Victoria’s Secret party held at the same location. Scandalous!

Jeff didn’t start dating Elle until early 2009, with a marriage between the model and the money man occurring in July of this year. But will this expos├â┬⌐ reveal a continued affair between he and Miz Paltrow?

She recently said cheating wasn’t a deal-breaker for her, so could that have been proactive damage control??

We suppose only time and Vanity Fair will tell!

Oct 18, 2013 12:38pm PDT

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