Want To OWN Your Favorite Athlete?? Read How You Can Buy Stock In Your Fave NFLer HERE!

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That is if your favorite NFL player was Arian Foster!

Start-up company Fantex Holdings has selected the Houston Texans running back to be their guinea pig for a new venture where fans can own stock in their favorite player.

Stocks will start out at $10/share, and the company will initially release 1.06 million shares, or $10.6 million worth. If all of this sells, then the company is ready to take off!

Oh ya, and Arian will make $10 million, but he’ll pay Fantex 20 percent of his future earnings in return. However, if there isn’t enough demand then the deal will be kaput.

There are tons of variables when getting involved, like if Foster will get injured, or if his stock will go down, but if it goes up, then investors will get to sell their shares for more! Things like his contracts, appearance fees and corporate endorsements are all a part of this too.

In all, there were 37 pages of risks involved for investors, which were laid out in Fantex’s securities papers.

See why athletes’ private lives will be coming into question more and more?

All of the trading will be done on Fantex’s own stock exchange, and they make 1 percent from each transaction.

John Elway is one of the company’s investors, and said:

“Fantex represents a powerful new opportunity for professional athletes, and I wish it were available during my playing days.”

What is different with Fantex is that there won’t be annual meetings where shareholders can meet with Arian, since this is quite a bit different than owning stock in a company.

However, at $10 per share, we can totally see fans buying into this concept! Especially since Fantex wants to expand it to other sports and even Hollywood celebrities!

That’s like the cost of parking or a beer at some stadiums!

And the best news is it’s only a matter of time until we can buy stock in Zac Efron!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

Oct 18, 2013 2:58pm PDT

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