Surgical Tools Left In Bodies: How Many Is Too Many? This Many!

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If going under the knife wasn’t scary enough as it is — will you be awake during the operation? will you survive? — it really really sucks we all have to worry about stupid mistakes on the surgeon’s part too!

We’re talking surgical tools being left in bodies. And we’re talking almost 800 of them since 2005.

We really hope you’re shocked by that number, because anybody who thinks 100 times a year isn’t that bad fails to realize that just ONE tool being left in a body is that bad!

At what point do ORs need a checklist of all the shizz they’re using??

The news of the statistic comes from The Joint Commission, a nonprofit health care safety group, which will go after improper protocols that lead to equipment like needles, sponges, towels, retractors, and etc. being left in patients who are PUTTING THEIR TRUST in someone to heal them!!

Obviously this isn’t good for patients, as this can cause severe physical and emotional harm, keep them in the hospital, or even kill them.

Of those almost 800 situations, there were cases resulting in 16 deaths. The likelihood this is going to happen is nine times more likely happen during an emergency, and 4 times as likely when the procedure changes unexpectedly!

Nobody wins when this happens, and it usually leads to HUGE lawsuits. Pretty much all of this can be avoided, too, with proper policies and procedures, even if human error is something you can’t 100% account for.

Something needs to be done about this! So scary!

What are surgeons even doing??




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Oct 18, 2013 7:05pm PDT

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