Pretty Little Liars‘ Troian Bellisario Spills A Big Secret In Upcoming Halloween Episode!!


This Pretty Little Liar revealed a lot more than she probably intended to!

Or maybe she did it on purpose, who knows! All we know is that a whole bunch of shizz is happening Tuesday night for the PLL Halloween Special and we’ll be there watching it all go down!!

Troian Bellisario backtracked to the beginning of the series with this little tidbit.

She reveals about her character Spencer:

“I’ve always been so interested in the night that Ali died. And finally the producers are getting around to explain why when the girls woke up–when Emily, Hanna and Aria woke up–Spencer was not there and Ali was not there and we kind of go in to a secret that the girls didn’t even know about Spencer.”

AH-HA!! We knew there was something fishy about Spencer being awake before the other girls!!

But, Spencer can’t be in on the secret can she? For the past seasons she’s been in the dark just as much as Emily, Hanna and Aria!

Troian continues on and says:

“It’s kind of amazing that now four years in to the show the girls can still have big secrets from each other and not just about their families they didn’t know, but truthfully about their history. And so this secret comes to light with Spencer and she struggles with it a lot and tries to keep it a secret and it’s all spurred by this possibly of Ali being alive and Spencer falls in to bad habits to try to find her.”

Secret, secrets, are no fun!!

When will the girls ever learn.

Ahhh!! We can’t wait to see everything unrAvel on Tuesday night!!

So many questions, so little answers.

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Oct 22, 2013 3:03am PDT

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