Miley Cyrus Gets Dirty With Male Pal Between Her Legs!


Wow! Miley Cyrus is giving us a finger not made of foam? That’s unusual!

Miley posted this racy pic on Twitter of her straddling a male friend, reported to be Cheyne Thomas, with dollars bills out, shaking them like they were at a strip club.

In fact, the pair were at Tuesday Baby Tuesdays at Finale Night club on Tuesday night in NYC.

We reported earlier how Miley was sighted with another male companion at the same nightclub in NYC, but unless this guy spilled a drink all over himself, and changed into a completely different outfit, this is ANOTHER male pal!

Mileybird, who was at the night club to see Ja Rule, also gave the photo this caption:

“So it’s true. If you turn the lights off and look into a mirror and say #turndown4WHAT 3 times fast shit gets TURNT.”

Spoo-kay! With Halloween coming up so soon, we won’t be saying anything in front of a mirror three times fast!

Also, perhaps the middle finger she’s giving in this photo is meant for Liam Hemsworth, and Cheyne’s placement practically in her lap was maybe meant to make him super jealous!

Is she playing the field, or are these two just friends?! Is she claiming him for solely twerking purposes with her legs?

SRSLY! What’s going on?

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[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 24, 2013 10:19am PDT

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