Rihanna & Cara Delevingne Future Roomies? Rumored To Be Moving In Together In NYC!

Rihanna might be shacking up with British model bestie Cara Delevingne in New York!

Slumber partyyyyy!!!

Rihanna and supermodel Cara Delevingne are taking the next step in their butt-patting friendship by becoming roommates in New York City!

It’s perfect timing for both gals, since RiRi wants to stay out of LA after her home witnessed an attempted burglary, and Cara wants to live in the states to enhance her budding acting career.

A source spilled:

“The two decided that since they have such similar lifestyles – up all night raving at nightclubs – they’d make perfect roommates. Rihanna’s promised Cara she’ll introduce her to all her friends and take her to her fave bars and restaurants.”

Sounds like one ultra seXXXy living situation to us!

Srsly, is there even a place on this earth that can handle that much seksi all the time??

Well, if we had to choose one city that might be able to take it, that city would def be New York. This could be a match made in heaven, y’all!!

Wonder what Cara’s former wifey Rita Ora thinks about this latest development?

[Image via Craig Harris/WENN.]

Oct 24, 2013 5:31pm PDT

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