Subway Delaying Kittens Find A Forever Home!!

NYC subway delaying kittens find forever home!!

Yay!! The NYC subway delaying kittens have found a forever home!!

Remember when the MTA in Brooklyn was delayed for an hour because two jerk kittens were being punks, playing on the tracks!

Power to the tracks had to be cut so the kitties could be rescued.

They eventually found their way to a foster home in Brooklyn with good samaritan Steven Liu.

He took care of the cutie kitties Arthur and August, waiting to find them a forever home.

Well that day has come! The two kitties have found a Brooklyn home with Katherine and Keith Lubeley!

The married couple said:

“We had been thinking about adopting rescue cats for a while and specifically wanted two bonded kittens, so it wasn’t out of the blue. Just perfect timing. And these two have a crazy special bond!”

That’s ahmayzing! So glad you’re happy!

How are the little kitties doing??

“They’ve found all the apartment’s soft, sunny places and quiet nooks. They are having a rollicking good time getting to know their new kingdom.”

That’s great! We bet they’re the cutest little things everrrrr!

So stankin’ adorbz! Glad they’ve found love and a forever home!!!

[Image via Katherine Lubeley.]

Oct 25, 2013 4:03pm PDT

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