Hiker Saves Wounded Pit Bull Abandoned On Trail

A hiker saved the life of a bullet-riddled pit bull left to die on the side of a mountain.

Thank goodness Andi Davis was hiking up a mountain in Arizona where a wounded pit bull had just been abandoned!

She was a half-mile up a deserted trail when she stumbled onto the wounded doggy, who had been shot and left for dead!!

She was nervous at first because of the pit bull stigma and the danger around a wounded animal, but she decided to give the dog a drink from her water bottle.

After the pup drank, she picked up the 47-pound pooch and began the half-mile walk back down the mountain.

It took her an hour, with several water breaks, to get the heavy dog down the mountain but she eventually did it.

After she and her family took the dog, now named Elijah, to the Arizona Humane Society it was found that the dog had an open chest wound, bullet fragments in his shoulder and a bullet in his neck.

Thankfully the docs were able to heal up the pup!

Now the Davis family has taken in Elijah as one of their own, and the pup fits in perfectly!

So ahmayzingggg! We love a happy ending!

[Image via Andi Davis/Arizona Humane Society.]

Oct 29, 2013 9:04am PST

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