Glee‘s Eying The City That Never Sleeps For Its Final Musical Season! Hello New York, Goodbye Lima?

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It’s no secret that the sixth season of the hit TV musical will be it’s last, but everyone has been wondering, what we can expect for the inevitable end?

Well, here’s a new question that might also contain the answer:

Could the Big Apple be Glee‘s new endgame??

Before the devastating loss of Cory Monteith over the summer, Ryan Murphy had it all planned out for Finn & Rachel.

But, in the wake of this tragedy, the Glee co-creator has been working hard to change his once blissful vision of Finn & Rachel in Lima, Ohio to having it all possibly end in New York.

Hold on.

If it all ends in the city that never sleeps, what can we expect of our beloved characters in the small town of Lima, Ohio?

Will they all be making a huge move to New York like Santana, Rachel and Kurt did or will we be losing them too?!

It’s hard to know since that’s just one of several ideas right now as Ryan is reworking his ending.

But one thing we’re certain of? We can definitely expect a great musical send off.

It is, after all, Glee we’re talking about!

Oct 30, 2013 3:55pm PDT

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