Paula Deen: Did Her Husband Walk Out On Her?? Details HERE!

paula deen tugboat captain michael groover

Paula Deen just can’t seem to get a break (other than this major one), but some would probably argue that she doesn’t deserve to!

Paula’s marriage is allegedly being put through the ringer right now, as her husband Michael Groover may have walked out on her — because she confronted him about some rumored cheating!

Michael, the 57-year-old tugboat captain, couldn’t handle the ‘warpath’ his 66-year-old wife was on after a friend told her about the secret mistress — and now we hear they’re at the edge of calling it quits!

Oh, and if you’re wondering: he has denied the whole thing!

Here’s what the source said about it, as the woman allegedly saw Michael once a week for more than a year:

‘She had an explosive argument with Michael that ended with him storming out of the house. It was no secret they were having an affair. It went on for more than a year and the only surprise is that it took Paula so long to find out about it. He denied cheating, but she wasn’t satisfied he was telling the truth and needled him relentlessly. Finally, Michael got fed up and took off in a huff.’

After cooling off, he returned home and denied it some more, and their whole marriage is allegedly in limbo!!

We have no idea if it’s true that Michael cheated on her, but the whole situation is NOT GOOD!

This of course comes after Paula’s recent attempt at a comeback, which despite a strong beginning, has pretty much sizzled out and on ‘simmer’ for now!

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Nov 7, 2013 7:35pm PDT

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