Cameron Diaz’s Latest Movie Bombed Because Her Character Channeled Too Much Rihanna?!

cameron diaz rihanna accent dubbed over the counselor box office flop barbados

Is Cameron Diaz‘s new film a flop?

Only if you’re one of those money-concerned literal types who judges a movie by its reviews and box office receipts!

So, why exactly did The Counselor bomb so hard?

Oddly enough, several people are pointing their fingers at Rihanna!!!

Rumor has it the Sex Tape star channeled the S&M singer in that sex scene with a Ferrari when developing her Barbadian accent! The 41-year-old actress modeled all of her speech patterns after her!

Sadly, producers hated the character’s thick, RiRi-infused accent and made Cameron dub over her own lines in post-production!

And that goof might be one of the reasons the film has 37% approval at Rotten Tomatoes and only made $7 mil on opening weekend!

Poor Ri! She wasn’t even in the movie and somehow she’s associated with its failure!!

We bet there’s no way her Navy will pay to see The Counselor now!

[Image via WENN & Chockstone Pictures.]

Nov 8, 2013 7:02am PDT

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