Cindy Crawford’s Diva Attitude Revealed! Apparently It Got Her Kicked Off A Photo Shoot Back In The Day!

Read what Cindy Crawford did to make Bruce Weber so upset that he kicked her out of a photo shoot!

Cindy Crawford is legendary for her supermodel skillz, but apparently she used to be quite the diva as well!!

So much so that photographer Bruce Weber literally had to kick her off set during a Revlon shoot!

The fashion photog reminisced about how Cindy complained “old boxers” were being photographed instead of her:

“She was so rude to the whole team and crew├óΓé¼┬ª[she asked,] ‘Why is Bruce photographing those old boxers when he could have been photographing me?’ I didn’t really feel for that. I walked up to her and asked her, ‘Did you say that?'”

She did say that, so accordingly Brucey kicked Cindy off of the shoot. Surprisingly, she was the “only model” he’s ever had to give the boot!!

Bruce and Crawford have since made up and become close friends.

Just shows that a diva attitude won’t get you far!! Good thing Cindy learned her lesson quickly!

Nov 13, 2013 11:01am PDT

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