Drew Barrymore Is Unsure About More Babies After This One!

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Last one for a while?

That is what it sounded like when Drew Barrymore was asked if she had any plans for more babies after the second one that’s currently tucked away in her tummy!

The actress and director has made no secret of her desire for a large family, and she seemed to be well on her way towards that goal when we heard she’s pregnant with baby number two!

But now it seems as if Drew was getting a little ahead of herself, and as she experiences the hardships of being pregnant, she may no longer want a super big family!

In fact, she revealed:

“I think every other pregnant woman out there can relate to the fact that you say you want all of this stuff and then when you’re pregnant, it becomes very day-by-day. But as soon as you give birth you forget everything and you’re like, ├óΓé¼╦£Yes! Let’s go again!’ So, I’ll have to wait a little while to think about the big picture again.”

The mommy admitted that going through pregnancy is an “intense” albeit “wonderful” experience.

Although it sounds like her daughter Olive is definitely excited about becoming a big sister!

Here’s how Drew explained it:

“I think every parent wants to believe their kid is so bright, and they should! And I’m proud to say I think she’s so bright! She points to my stomach and goes, ├óΓé¼╦£Baby!’ She gets it!”


That is SO sweet!!!

We can’t wait to see pictures of Olive and her little sibling together in a few months!

It will be so precious!!!

Nov 13, 2013 9:33am PDT

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