Burger King Apologizes After Offensive Sign Goes Viral!

burger king apologizes after disgruntled employee changes sign

It looks like Burger King has some SERIOUS explaining to do!!

The gigantic fast food chain has come under some serious fire after a disgruntled employee arranged one of their signs so it read “Now hiring. Must be Mexican.”

The managers were able to take the sign down, but not before someone snapped a picture, and now the photo is making its rounds throughout the interwebs like wildfire!!

The Whopper making company released an apology, saying:

“We have been informed by the franchisee that immediate actions were taken to terminate the employee responsible. (Burger King Corp.) has a long history of dedication to diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a driving force behind both our innovation and an inclusive environment for our people — employees, franchisees, suppliers and restaurant guests alike.”

Well a good old fashioned sorry is definitely a good place to start!

Despite the apology and removal of the offensive sign, it looks like the damage has already been done as they are still receiving a slew of negative comments of their Facebook page!

There’s no doubt that this has been an absolute PR nightmare for Burger King, and maybe next time they’ll learn to keep a little bit of a closer eye on their employees! Especially the ones in charge of working the signs!

Nov 14, 2013 6:32pm PDT

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