Gwyneth Paltrow Shares Apple And Moses’ Santa Wish Lists In Her New GOOPy Christmas Gift Guide!

gwyneth paltrow shares moses and apple wish list for christmas

Not many would argue that Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year! But coming up with the right gift can sometimes be a difficult task, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the youngsters!

So Gwyneth Paltrow took it upon herself to create a gift guide (of course) and featured it on her GOOP website to help her fellow parents pick the right present for their kiddies! And to help out, the actress recruited two of the smartest kids she knew: Apple and Moses!

In addition to her own children, Gwynie also asked for help from some other youths and took to her website, writing:

“Our panel of young sophisticates guides us on what they hope their excellent behavior has earned them this year. This serves as a guide for anyone in the dark on what to get a kid this year.”

So what exactly were her kiddies asking for from Santa Clause this year?

Moses asked for the same things most 7-year-old boys ask for: Video games! To be more specific, he asked for Skylanders Swat force, as well as a hamster, a Rainbow Loom kit, and last but not least, an acoustic guitar! Looks like somebody is taking after their daddy Chris Martin!

Seeing as Apple is two years older, her tastes were a little more grown up! She asked for an iPod 5, a waterproof Lifeproof case for her iPod, and a Kipling rolly backpack!

So what’s the damage on the gifts Gwynie’s kids asked for? Overall, Moses proved to be the cheaper of the two with his presents totaling out to around $127.49. However, his older sister’s gifts came out to be around 4 times as much and would cost around $509.97! Yikes!

Of course, there’s no problem splurging on loved ones during the holidays, but maybe Gwyn and Chris can talk Apple into settling for an iPod classic instead! LOLz!

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Nov 14, 2013 4:27pm PDT

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