George Zimmerman’s Gun Stockpile Found By Police Deputies!


More developments in the George Zimmerman domestic violence dispute!

After George was recently released on bail provided, among other things, that he hand over his guns, deputies searched his Florida home and found a mini-armory!

SRSLY, they discovered enough guns to fill a Drake music video!

According to law enforcement officials, George had over 100 rounds of ammunition, and five guns, including the shotgun he allegedly threatened his girlfriend with.

We’re pretty sure the Stand Your Ground law doesn’t apply to potentially shoving a 12-guage in the face of your girlfriend.

In addition to the shotgun, he also had an assault rifle, and three hand guns! Huh, we wonder if there is a correlation between having an assault rifle and being charged with assault?

Zimmerman had previously been acquitted in the shooting and death of Trayvon Martin.

Nov 26, 2013 5:08pm PDT

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