Kobe Bryant Goes Off In A Twitter Rant After His Followers Call Foul On His New $48M Contract!

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Take Kobe Bryant‘s jersey number, double it, then multiply it by a MILLION!

That is how much the 35-year-old Lakers superstar guard will be making in his new contract!

$48 MILLION!!!

His new deal keeps him at the top of the NBA players salaries list but many feel it will also keep other talented players OUT of Los Angeles! Because with a paycheck that inflated, the team will be hard pressed to find affordable talent that won’t push them over the salary cap.

Some fans of the purple and gold took to Twitter to vent their frustration. But little did they know, they would wake the Black Mamba and all of his wrath!

A few hours ago, Kobe responded to his critics with a tweet that read:

OK – not the best formation of a sentence, but we think we get what Bryant├óΓé¼Γäós point is. NBA owners are billionaires and nobody is stopping them from making as much money as they possibly can, so why restrict players?!

Valid argument. But for those who still believe Kobe is being all business and not thinking about the future of the organization, he said this:

Sounds like Kobe still thinks there’s enough in the Lakers’ bank account to put together a team to win him a sixth ring.

And hey, even if he never gets another championship, he’ll have plenty of dollar bills to dry his tears with.

[Image via Facebook.]

Nov 27, 2013 6:02pm PDT

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