Joe Manganiello Talks Drinking Problem, Bullying, Fitness, And His Book With The Longest Title Ever

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We never ever ever like hearing that anyone has a substance problem, but if they can, we would really hope they share all about it in a bid to help others!

Joe Manganiello had a drinking problem, and when it came time to finally live the healthy and positive life he’s always wanted (including sustaining a career!), in the body he always dreamed of, it was time to take control of it!

He opened up in his brand new book, with the longest title ever, called Evolution: The Cutting Edge Guide to Breaking Down Mental Walls and Building the Body You’ve Always Wanted!

In it, he got honest about his struggle, saying:

“There was a period of about four years where I needed to quit drinking. And the drinking got in the way [of my career]. And I talk about that a lot in the book. It was one of those obstacles that I had to get over and once again I needed to clear the road in order for these things to happen, so it really is an inside job. I had to clean up my act and figure that whole situation out.”

If you’re wondering if he drinks even a little bit anymore, here’s what he said:

“No, it’s been over 11 years. My life was ruined. I was homeless, careless and broke with no career, so yes, it was worth it [to get sober].”

As you can tell, health is super important to him. And, when it comes to his own fitness, Joe hasn’t always been the chiseled god we see today! Nope, he was a pretty scrawny kid (above), and was even bullied. Here’s some of what he says about his childhood struggles:

“Failure became a huge part of my success story. Now, you hear about these soccer games kids play when goals aren’t counted. Everybody gets the orange slice and the pat on the back and everybody says ‘Good job!’ And that wasn’t the case for me and I think I benefited from that. I’m glad that I lost, I’m glad that I failed, I’m glad that I felt that way and decided to do something about it … I never wanted to feel that way again and it drove me.”

We’re glad he’s strong enough to pick himself up and better himself instead of wallowing in defeat! It takes some amazeballz inner strength to pull that off — and it sounds like he’s done it multiple times!


Good luck with the book, Joe! We hope the sequel has a smaller title, it took forever for us to write it out!!


[Image via Joe Manganiello, Inset via WENN.]

Dec 4, 2013 12:29pm PST

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