Prince Harry & Alexander Skarsgard Forget Cameras Are Rolling In Antarctica Briefing!

Prince Harry gets briefed at Wounded Warrior Project Antarctica South Pole briefing
Alexander Skarsgard at the Wounded Warrior Project trek South Pole briefing

It’s easy to forget that at the core, even a Prince is a normal human!

During a briefing for their trek across Antarctica towards the South Pole for the Wounded Warrior Project, it seemed like a lot of people forgot that the meeting was being filmed — including Prince Harry!

Upon realizing he was right in the sights of the lens, Prince Harry reacts and the goofy face he makes just DESTROYS US!

Not only is it adorable but it humanizes him in a way where we really feel like we have a chance to date him someday!


Oh, and can we talk about how intense Alexander Skarsgård is while listening?? Flawless!

Watch the whole clip AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Dec 6, 2013 6:28pm PDT

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