The Top 10 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence Should Sweep Awards Season Again This Year!

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Jennifer Lawrence just got nominated for a Golden Globe, and as far we’re concerned this golden girl should rack up the trophies just like last year!

That’s why we’ve taken the time to list out the top 10 indisputable reasons why JLaw should win everything.

Consider this our 95 Theses (minus 85) about why Jennifer deserves to sweep the award shows again!

1. Anyone who has the huevos to joke about beating Meryl Streep, even in a reference to The First Wives Club, practically deserves a Medal of Honor for their courage:

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2. She’s graceful as a swan. Okay, sometimes she falls down, but it’s how she picks herself up again that counts. And then makes us laugh about it. Because she’s amazing.


3. She’s pretty much on top of the list of people we’d want to party with.

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4. Even though she’s the star of The Hunger Games, she knows where her priorities lie.

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5. Her face can do things only a sculptor can dream of.

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6. Forget photobombing. JLaw’s the master of interview bombing.

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7. Anyone that can effortlessly make Bradley Cooper laugh deserves all the awards ever.

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8. Two words: Flawless. Recovery.


9. She has an infinite amount of swagger.

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10. She doesn’t hide her love of cake balls. Let’s be clear. Everyone should be open about their love of cake balls.

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Dec 13, 2013 10:40am PST

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