Beyoncè Reveals How She Kept Her New Album TOP SECRET!

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We STILL can’t get over Beyonc├â┬¿‘s new album!

Our jaws have been on the floor since Thursday night, when the queen dropped 14 songs and 17 videos for her eXXXtra special surprise self-titled album, but HOW did she keep it a secret??!

How does such a mega superstar keep such a BIG project confidential when all eyes are on her??! A WHOLE lot of pinky promises from her team!

That means her publicists, record label executives, stylists, producers and many musical/video collaborators ALL had to keep their mouths shut for months in order for Bey’s master plan to work.

A source spilled:

“She discussed it over and over again with Jay Z and her team and decided to just drop it this way. Only Beyonc├â┬¿ could have done this! Everyone agreed not to breathe a word or the plan would be ruined . . . One person leaking it would have destroyed the whole project. She wanted to reinvent the way we listened to albums. . . there was already so much interest in this project that it all built up perfectly. The few people involved that knew had to lie a little so it didn’t blow the whole thing. It was worth it.”

PHEW! Talk about stress!

However, clearly all the fibbing was well worth it… know, considering it’s already dominating the charts!!

But would we expect anything less than a reigning title from the diva?! NEVER.

Keep on whipping that hair from that throne, gurl!!!

Dec 16, 2013 1:10pm PDT

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